c  o  m  p  A  n  y

Intex Design and Construction is a swimming pool and backyard design and construction company. Our plan is to establish our position far from the rest of construction companies. Our design team is focused on building value into every remodeling or new construction project, we're bringing trust back into the construction world. We focus on giving prestige concierge service to those who value, honesty, timeliness and quality.



v  i  s  i  o  n

To be the leading construction company in California, changing the common negative perceptions on the unreliability of contractors being costly and unpleasant, to a positive and a fun experience. We will create systems that work for the benefit of our clients, investors and employees, bringing values and people together to create jobs and one of a kind designs. We provide concierge service and experience, not construction projects.


m  i  s  s  i  o  n

To offer a one stop shop for home owners in Southern California seeking exceptional exterior designs and environments. We do not compete on price but we trade our personalized service, expertise and a life lasting good memory for each homeowners' project. We hire the right people and create values for our employees to enable providing consistent quality to each of our clients.